When a Wrong Order card is played, how do I remove it from my table?

Here's how you fix the wrong order. Let's say the top meal item on your table is a dessert, and the wrong order card gets played. When you play a new dessert card, discard the old dessert card and the wrong order card and your table is now unfrozen.

Can the Manager Cancel card only block special action cards?

This card can block any of the valid actions a player makes (cash out a table, exchange a card, etc) and is not limited to just block special action cards

If I play a Manager Cancel card, does that count against the actions I can play in my turn?

Playing this card doesn't count against you, when it's your turn you get the full 3 actions to play.

Do I get to draw another card when I play Manager Cancel?

No, you'll need to wait until the end of your next turn as normal before you can replensih your hand.

If I play Work Overtime, do I get to draw cards before my extra turn starts?

Yes. When playing a Work Overtime card, it counts as an action against your current turn. When your current turn ends, draw cards until you have four back in your hand. You're now ready to start your extra turn.